Welcome to auctified.com

Would you like to take buying and selling to a new level?

There are many good resources to buy & sell whether it be classifieds, auctions, social media, garage sale, or through brick & mortar stores, however most have limitations.

The site will focus on the items physical location, sold as an auction or classified, offer picked-up or shipping, payment made immediately or when picked up. This site will be focused on getting the most for your item that the market determines.

Here are issues that can be fixed, buyer expresses interest but does not follow through, you notify the seller of your interest without getting a response, sending or getting the “is this item still for sale” question, spam, or getting to the item to late, getting what the item is worth by selling as a local auction.

This website is running on WordPress 4.9.7

Using WooCommerce 3.4.3 & Storefront

Ignite WooCommerce Auction Pro 3.1.20

If you have any questions, suggestions or interested in partnering with me on this endeavor please

Email me at auctioneer@auctified.com or call 608-423-1369

Take a look at https://auctified.com/usa

Thank you,

David Heim